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Chrysler Group LLC


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Chrysler Group’s day-to-day operations are managed by a highly skilled and motivated management team. As part of the reorganization of its management, experienced leaders were drawn from both Chrysler Group and Fiat and the organizational structure was flattened. To facilitate collaboration and enhance speed of decision-making, two management committees chaired by Sergio Marchionne, the Chief Executive Officer of both Chrysler Group and Fiat, meet regularly to consider significant operational matters. The Product Committee oversees capital investment, engineering and product development, while the Commercial Committee oversees matters related to sales and marketing. Both committees include managers from each of the company’s brands (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge SRT, Ram, Mopar and Fiat), all of whom also have separate functional responsibilities across all the brands. We believe this structure further fosters cooperation, information sharing and timely decision-making.

Sergio Marchionne

Chief Executive Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

Steven G. Beahm

Senior Vice President - Supply Chain Management, Chrysler Group LLC

Doug D. Betts

Senior Vice President - Quality, Chrysler Group LLC

Reid Bigland

Head of U.S. Sales, CGLLC; Chairman, Pres. & CEO-Chrysler Canada, Head-Alfa Romeo, NAFTA region, CGLLC; BOD,CGLLC

Bruno Cattori

President and CEO, Chrysler de Mexico

Thomas A. Finelli

Head of NAFTA Purchasing and Supplier Quality, Chrysler Group LLC

Olivier Francois

Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC

Alistair Gardner

President and CEO - Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Group LLC

Ralph V. Gilles

Senior Vice President - Product Design, Chrysler Group LLC

Pietro Gorlier

President and CEO - Mopar® Brand Service, Parts and Customer Care, Chrysler Group LLC

Peter M. Grady

Vice President - Dealer Network Development, Chrysler Group LLC President and CEO - Maserati North America

Brian Harlow

Vice President - Head of NAFTA Manufacturing, Chrysler Group LLC

Robert J. Hegbloom

President and CEO, Ram Brand

Michael J. Keegan

Senior Vice President - Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability Officer, Chrysler Group LLC

Timothy Kuniskis

President and Chief Executive Officer - Dodge Brand, SRT Brand and Head of Fleet Operations, Chrysler Group LLC

Scott G. Kunselman

Senior Vice President - Head of Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Chrysler Group LLC

Robert (Bob) E. Lee

Vice President and Head of Engine, Powertrain and Electrified Propulsion Systems Engineering, Chrysler Group LLC

Marjorie Loeb

Senior Vice President - General Counsel and Secretary, Chrysler Group LLC

Jeffrey P. Lux

Head of Transmission Powertrain, Chrysler Group LLC

Laurie A. Macaddino

Vice President - Audit, Chrysler Group LLC

Michael Manley

President and CEO - Jeep® Brand, Chrysler Group LLC

John Nigro

Head of NAFTA Product Development, Chrysler Group LLC

Richard Palmer

Chief Financial Officer, Chrysler Group LLC

Barbara J. Pilarski

Vice President - Business Development, Chrysler Group LLC

Gualberto Ranieri

Senior Vice President - Communications, Chrysler Group LLC

Scott A. Sandschafer

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Chrysler Group LLC

Jason Stoicevich

Head of FIAT Brand, North America, Chrysler Group LLC

Joseph Trapasso

Senior Vice President - External Affairs, Chrysler Group LLC

Joseph Veltri

Head of Investor Relations

Benjamin P. Winter

Head of NAFTA Product Planning, Chrysler Group LLC